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6 Hidden Facts Why You Are Gaining Weight

Delhi Life-Style - Tuesday, November 27, 2012 6:27:59 AM

Are you doing everything to lose your weight and still unable to shed the kilos?Are you strictly eating everything that says ‘low fat’, or have a diet of two tomatoes and 1 boiled potato per day?People have always associated fitness with fat loss or weight loss. In the struggle to achieve success overnight, they tend to subject their bodies to several kinds of abuses including rigid crash diets and ‘low fat’ bingeing. However, they don’t realise that bad eating, wrong diets and above all several other factors, non-related to food could be the potential reasons for your weight gain.
Let’s elaborate top six of them.

What happens when you diet
If you think that by eating sparingly for fifteen days, you will get back in shape, then its utter rubbish! Bodies that go into sudden starvation mode tend to save more calories than burn it. The body is like a system, which needs fuel to conduct basic metabolic activities, including burning of fat. Hence, when there’s no food or fuel, as the body saves the existing energy instead of utilizing it.

Watch what you eat!Similarly, binging on ‘low fats’ labelled food, is bound to make one gain weight. Most of such food products have high levels of sugar, which add to the calorie count and therefore, explain the weight gain. Hence, instead of going for such foods, resort to fresh home cooked foods for weight loss. Don’t forget to avoid the junk food at all cost!

Sedentary lifestyle
Maybe you are eating right, but are simply failing to shed those kilos. It’s time to pay attention to your activity levels. Having a sedentary, lazy life or being a couch potato can be one of the reasons behind those excess tiers around your tummy.Switch to an exercise regimen that is well suited for your body. If you are not an exercise person, then cultivating a few sport activities may be helpful. Try yoga, swimming or jogging or dancing to lose weight. A simple brisk walk of 45 minutes a day can help you as well.

Check your medicinesSome medicines have side effects of weight gain. You need to check with your GP, to confirm your fears. If possible, get him to prescribe other medicinal substitutes that do not have such side effects.

Sleeping patternsAre you becoming an owl lately? Maybe it’s the reason behind your saddle bags! Switch to normal sleeping routine. Irregular sleeping patterns disturb body metabolism and result in weight gain.

Quit drinkingExcess drinking spoils and fattens the liver, making it sluggish in process. Being the chief blood detoxifier and fat metaboliser, it is unable to perform both the functions. This results in gaining weight and skyrocketing new heights of obesity.Next time, when you feel you are fat, just try and throw some light on the above mentioned factors. If everything is fine, then maybe it’s time to get yourself medically checked for a better understanding of your body’s metabolic health.

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