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Bed and Breakfast Scheme

Common Wealth Games News - Saturday, July 24, 2010 10:45:58 AM

Delhi Bed and Breakfast Scheme Commonwealth Games 2010

Delhi is hosting Commonwealth Games in the end of 2010. The country is gearing up in a big way to receive thousands of international and domestic tourists. Accommodation scheme 2010 Commonwealth Games is a major concern for the government. In order to meet the boarding and lodging requirements of visitors for Commonwealth Games, government has come up with Bed and Breakfast Delhi.

In the course of planning and preparation of Commonwealth Games Delhi government realizes that there is a huge gap between the required lodging facilities and available lodging options during the Games. According to data 10,268 rooms are required while only 5,645 options are ready for use. Thus government has sought public participation in order to meet this gap. Bread and breakfast scheme is going to benefit the public as well as the government.

About Bed and Breakfast

Although a new concept in India Bed and Breakfast is already very popular in Western parts of the world. Almost all big nations of the world like Australia, North America, Cuba, British Isles, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, are popular for bed and breakfast type of accommodation. Under this scheme a private house provides bed and breakfast facilities to the guests on payment basis. Basically one room of the house along with attached bath is provided to the guest. Apart from lodging, breakfast is also provided to the guests. 

Bed and breakfast facilities are provided by private home owners who have less than 10 rooms in their house. Basically it is not a commercial establishment like hotel or lodge, but a private house where the caretaker is the owner himself. Bed and breakfast is very similar to home stays.

Benefits of bed and breakfast scheme for Guests:

Bed and breakfast is an economical option for lodging.

The accommodation available under bed and breakfast are inspected and approved by the Delhi Government and thus ensure decent service.

This type of lodging provides home like comfort to the guests.

It is an enriching experience for international tourists as they get an opportunity to enjoy true Indian lifestyle.

Bed and breakfast provides a secured and comfortable atmosphere to guests.

Bed and Breakfast Delhi is a very intelligent and smart scheme of lodging that is beneficial for both owner and the guest. The guests can stay in a homely atmosphere and closely experience the Indian experience in and economical way.


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10:39PM 22/8/12 jasveer singh it is very good scheme , beneficial for both guest and owner andshould contiue .
10:39PM 22/8/12 jasveer singh it is very good scheme , beneficial for both guest and owner andshould contiue .
10:33AM 18/8/12 BKSharma i have three elegant rooms close to Apollo hospital, execellent AC , with fridge, LCD,cupboard, with exellent toiletries, and good homely, on reasonable, rates.Most suitable for patients and their attendants. book on line-
3:15PM 19/5/12 aasheesh Is this scheme still open ? I hv a set of room available opp Yamuna Sports complex , East Delhi...
9:56PM 3/1/11 jasveer singh i have four elegant rooms execellent AC , with fridge, LCD,cupboard, with exellent toiletries, and good homely, on reasonable, rates. book on line-
7:53PM 1/1/11 Pradyut Kanti Chakrabarty I want accommodation in north delhi from 13 jan 2011 to 22 jan, accommodation should be smell free.
11:32PM 5/11/10 sanjay looking for One room with attach Bathroom in a flat in Rohini / Pitampura apartment area OR near by in kohat enclave area or nearby.Please reply soon with more details about flat and rent details and terms and condition.
11:13PM 26/9/10 jasveer singh four rooms can be spared for this scheme
3:3PM 22/9/10 TARUN GOSWAMI 3 Bedroom Flat at South Delhi, (Lajpat Nagar-1) just 2 kms from Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, available for Bed n Beakfast scheme or on rental. Contact 9310083983, 9871516337

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