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Delhi Metro Museum

Delhi Tourism - Monday, February 10, 2020 12:59:43 PM

The Delhi Metro Museum is placed at the Patel Chowk Metro Station. It is South Asia's first-ever Metro Museum which showcases the history and origination of the Delhi Metro.It is the only museum in a functional Metro station worldwide. This museum is not only an attraction for the tourists but also offers information and data to young engineers and researchers who are involved with Metro projects in the other cities.The museum has countless books about the construction of the Metro which are for sale. Apart from this, there are interactive remains which show videos and films on many technical aspects. Many students from school, colleges and universities worldwide such as Stanford University, Columbia University, Yale University, and Carlson School have also visited the museum to collect knowledge, which is the most successful public transport project executed in the country so far.
The main attractions are the 27 display panels made of stainless steel and fire-resistant fiber sheets with wooden texture. These attractive panels show many interesting aspects of Metro operations such as Metro's unique management style, earthquake-proof structures, DMRC's choice of gauge for the Metro system, etc. Apart from these, there are also models of the stations, Metro train, etc.The awards and certificates won by DMRC also find a place of pride in the museum. Soil samples from the construction sites, train operators and the kits of the station managers show the hard work that goes behind running 200 Metro trains on a network every day for 190 kilometers from 6 AM till 11 PM.

The museum is made more attractive with the addition of rich memorial shops. The Museum has something for all ages and genders. While the kids can enjoy special attractive push back Metro toy trains and Ludo games, whereas the elders can purchase Metro key chains, bookmarks, etc at reasonable prices. The Metro Museum also conducts visits to schools in all parts of the country in order to educate them about the Metro. Many Art competitions and Quiz shows have also been organized in the past for the school children at the museum.

Address: 20, Ashoka Rd, Janpath, Sansad Marg Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Hours: Opens 10AM Tuesday-4 PM Sunday, Closed (Monday)
Phone: 011 2334 5851

Entry Fee : 10Rs.

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