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Mahatma Gandhi Park Delhi

Parks & Gardens - Friday, September 24, 2010 5:59:49 AM

There are numerous gardens and parks in Delhi. Parks and gardens in New Delhi are not only known for their beauty or serenity but also have history attached to them. Mahatma Gandhi Park is one of them, is a simple and small park originally called 'Queen's Park' by the Britishers. Park is located on the Church Mission Road, near the Old Delhi Railway Station. It also serves as the venue for various cultural, religious, musical and other types of programs.
Parks and gardens of Delhi act as a breather for the Delhiites, where they can spend some time peacefully, organize a picnic, take walks and jogs and do a lot of other activities. One of the best ways to take a break from the hectic and stressful life of the city life is to take a leisurely walk around the gardens.
Park got its name after the independence from the legendary Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi. The Mahatma Gandhi Park has a bronze colored statue of Mahatma Gandhi and many towering trees around it give it a very protective look.
Apart from this park is well known for the outdoor club for Delhi's high-class society who lived in this part of the city. The park was very well maintained and had a good cricket ground.

Location: On the main Church Mission Road, near the Old Delhi Railway Station

How to Reach: There are various ways to reach the park. One can take a auto or reach the near most Metro station and then take a rickshaw or Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach.

Time to Visit: Open on Sundays only but the caretaker opens it on request on any day.

Nearest Railway Station: Old Delhi Railway Station

Nearest Metro Station: Delhi Main

Nearest International Airport:
Indira Gandhi International Airport

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