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Majnu ka Tilla

- Thursday, February 24, 2011 10:47:04 AM

Majnu ka Tilla is located on the banks of the river Yamuna on the Dr. K.B Hedgewar Marg in New Delhi.This is the popular destination amongst north campus students as well as Delhi’s bargain fashionistas. 

The Tibetan shop owners who dominate  the Majnu ka Tilla market have lived in Delhi for decades, but in the endless rows of their stalls, the goods still speak of a Himalayan homeland, wheather they are little brass rings Rs. 50,  warm woollen jackats ostensibly made of 100 percent yak hair Rs. 150-450 or commercial trekking gear like hiking boots, tents and sleeping bags. There are several restaurants where you can get a bite to eat while you are on the move, but it might be safest to ask for TD’s. Consider the chhurpi, yak-cheese cubes, stone-hard and tasting like nothing at all. They are held between the teeth to dissolve, providing nourishment and keeping up salivation when moving in mountains terrain.

Must softer than yak-cheese are shawls Rs. 500-750 and carpets Rs. 400, available at almost every corner. You can even find a leather horse saddle Rs. 4000 brought down from Tibet. Naturally, the Majnu ka Tilla  market also offers shoppers way to demonstrate their cultural or political solidarity to Tibet: prayer flags and prayer wheels as well as posters and scarves stamped with the flag of independent Tibet.


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