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Incredible Online Shopping Trends Among The Shoppers

- Monday, March 28, 2011 6:40:27 AM

online shopping growth IndiaOnline shopping has become a craze not only in India but also in various Western Europe cities and if experts are to be believed, the rave is a steady phenomenon for the five years down the line. Before sinking in the surveys and statistics, let we get an idea that why online shopping is getting popular by each passing day in the global continents.  Emerging prevalence of internet, growing economies and improved purchasing power of people have made online shopping a household phenomenon. All you have to do here is to select a product here of your choice, place your order, pay your amount via debit or credit card and within a week time that item will be your doorstep.
In the status report of several authorities, the trend of online shopping and integrated sales has been increased by an incredible amount of 123.1 billion Euros in the coming three years. In the same foray, a combined annual online shopping growth rate is improved by a huge percentage of 9.6%-11% all across. A number of factors have accelerated the growth of online shopping growth in the countries including:-
  • Improved mail order retailing
  • High population density
  • Extensive array of product categories
  • above-average confidence in online security
  • wide variety of payment options
America and Western Europe are probably the biggest ever markets where a huge population of its youth buys goods and objects with online mode regularly. The percentage and ratio of the items purchase differ from person to person and depends upon one’s personal choice and preferences. Below mentioned is the number of items in percent unit that buyers love to buy via the online mode of shopping.
  • CDs/tapes/records (17%)
  • Videos/DVDs (17%)
  • Event tickets (20%)
  • Printer supplies (12%)
  • Books (30%)
  • Leisure travel (23%)
  • Clothing (21%)
  • Computer software/video games (11%)
A reputed research and consulting organization in United Kingdom drew a conclusion after a profound survey that in 17 Western European countries, people across various demographic locations purchased items and goods of the amount of 71.0 billion Euros in year 2008. In the very same manner online shopping retail sales was $133.6 billion in the very same year 2008.Ther growth even suggests that its shaping the improvement with a huge and considerable growth rate of 9 % in the cities and states of Western Europe.
The graph of online shopping growth across the countries is growing with leap and bounds. More and more people have started now to purchase their preferred goods and items online in affordable prices and with various added utilities.

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