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Shahajahanabad Gardens Delhi

Parks & Gardens - Tuesday, October 12, 2010 7:47:02 AM

The northern part of Delhi was a vast expanse of greenery, with a number of beautiful orchards and gardens, before it merged with the agricultural belt. Shahajahanabad Gardens at Delhi is one of the best park in Delhi and date back to the time when Emperor Shah Jahan ruled over the city. The Shahajahanabad Gardens also served as the venue for the celebration of various festivals by the ladies of the court like Raksha Bandhan, Basant Panchami, Teej, etc. Shahajahanabad Garden comprises number of other gardens such as:-

Begum Ka Bagh
In 1650, Shahjahan's lovely daughter, Jahanara laid out this lovely garden in the very heart of the walled city. It comprises of water pools, aqueducts and fountains. 'Chuttries' or covered canopies were built at vital places to provide shady resting-places. There are flowering bushes and fruit trees all round. The grounds are watered by Ali Mardan's famous canal.
After the time Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II gifted a portion of this garden to his mother, Begum Samro, who built a palace here. This building is now known as Bhaghirath Palace and contains a complete market inside it.

Roshanara Gardens
The younger sister of Jahanara built this garden, which was also named after her. Named after its founder, Roshanara garden also served as her last resting place and still houses her tomb. Plants with blossoming flower cover the garden, with a raised canal passing through their center. In the middle of the garden is the Roshanara Club that was built by the British.

Tees Hazari
Just outside Kashmiri Gate, Tees Hazari is counted among one of the many gardens that were built by Shahjahan. It was built in traditional style with neem trees all round. There were also many other lovely trees planted at approving corners. Shahjahan gifted this garden to his favorite daughter Jahanara. In the later years, Aurangzeb too gave it to his daughter Zeb-un-nisa as her 'zagir'. This garden was badly ravaged by the British before and after the mutiny of 1857. Today, it is the site of Delhi's Session Court.

Qudsia Garden
One of the biggest gardens outside Kashmiri Gate, Qudsia garden was once a blossoming garden with flower plants and trees. Laid by and Qudsai Begum, wife of Mohammad Shah, the garden has a portion reserves for roses and another for fruit trees. Cascades, waterfalls, canals, a baradari and three massive gates characterized this garden. Inside the garden was a huge palace, which was a solid and substantial structure, richly ornamented.
Location: North Delhi

Historical Significance: Belong To the Period of Shah Jahan

Famous Ones Are: Begam Ka Bagh, Tees Hazari, Roshnara Gardens & Qudsia Garden

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