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Sunder Nagar

- Monday, February 28, 2011 11:43:10 AM

Sunder Nagar Market is one of the reputed markets in Delhi. It is located near the Zoological Garden. The market has a wide range of shops selling decorative antiques and silver jewelry as well as boasting a huge variety of other knick-knacks and artifacts spilling out of the shops.

It is a neat and well-designed market complex and has many stores competing to sell exotic souvenirs, fine silver jewelry from Ladakh. The market also deals in semi-precious stones, textiles, and brass, copper and silver objects d'art. This area also has many art galleries. Not far from here is the famous Crafts Museum shop, which is also a popular hunting ground for antiques.


Mathura Road
New Delhi-110 003


10:30 A.M-07:30 P.M

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