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Teeth tips for healthy and beautiful teeth

Delhi Life-Style - Wednesday, July 27, 2011 9:39:31 AM

Protection of teeth from decay is necessary for health. Here some important tips given below for healthy and beautiful teeth.
1:-Stock detergent foods: Since brushing after every meal is not only boring but impractical, nature has made detergent foods such as apples, pears and carrots. Have a slice after eating chocolate. Their fiber cleans up any food stuck to the

2:- Chewing gum helps: The stickiness of the chewing gum picks all the food stuck on the surface of the teeth and keeps the mouth clean.

3:- Use mouthwashes: Use of a fluoride mouthwash can help to reduce tooth decay. The bacteria that cause cavity formation releases acids in the mouth, which eat away the surface of the teeth. Fluoridated mouth washes make the top layer of the tooth more resistant to acid attack.

4:- Avoid synthetic drinks: Stock coconut water or natural fruit juices instead of synthetic drinks. The added sugar in synthetic drinks has adverse effect on the tooth, thus
initiating decay.


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