Khirki Ki Masjid

Masjid in Delhi - Tuesday, June 29, 2010 6:16:46 AM

About 2 kilometers northeast of Qutab Minar, situated in the middle of Khirki Village, is the only one of its kind Khirki Masjid or Mosque. It is presently off the Press Enclave, also 2 kilometers south of Begumpuri Masjid. Khirki Mosque or the Window Mosque through Kalan Masjid is solitary in the middle of the merely two examples of stopped up mosques in northern India.

The main characteristic of the mosque is its characteristic casement aperture with jalis or tracery recognized as khirki or latticed windows. Located on the upper point of the mosque's external wall, these jalis were preponderantly imprinted stone shields. The mosque as well as the to hand rural community got its name as of this supreme feature. The mosque was built by Khan-I-Jahan, the prime minister of Feroze Shah Tughlaq in the late 14th century and is said to one of the seven mosques built by him.

Built on an eminent plinth with accumulation sandstone, which were densely plastered, the Khirki mosque is twice over storeyed as well as has a series of basement cells in the lower storey. All the four corners of the arrangement are engaged by impressive bastions making the mosque appear like a fort.

There are declining minarets on all the three gateways, apart from on the west, with the eastern gate life form the main entrance. Though, at in attendance the southern entrance is open for the company and the devotees.

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