Moth Ki Masjid

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This Lodi interlude mosque is measured the second case in point after Bara Gumbad of the novel mosque typology urbanized by the family, which are characterized by their diminutive size as well as simplicity. It was built at Mubarakpur near Delhi by a minister of Sikandar Lodi (1489-1517).

Moth ki Masjid is placed between Uday Park as well as the plush South Extension Part 2 area of New Delhi. An attractive celebrity is emotionally involved toward the derivation of the Moth ki Masjid, or the Lentil Mosque, of India. About 500 years old, it was built by Sikander Lodi.

According toward the legend, one day Sikandar Lodi gave a grain of moth (a type of lentil) to his loyal minister Miyan Bhuwa as a recompense for fun. The amusing minister planted the seed cautiously years after years awaiting it multiplied so a lot of times so as to it could finally finance the building of the mosque. He after that went to the supreme ruler to ask his consent to build the mosque.

The king was quite frightened. He then laid the foundation of Moth ki Masjid himself, which was built in compliance to the Indo-Islamic style of structural design. The mosque is small as well as simple and is deprived of any minarets or any profuse calligraphic decorations as well as accompaniments so as to be part of the customary mosques.

On the other hand, it symbols the revitalization of architectural movement throughout the time of the Lodi family. The four-sided figure red stonework arrangement has a small semicircular dome as well as latticework screens in its windows.

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