Nilli Masjid

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Kasaumbhil, a nurse by line of work built the Nili Masjid or the blue mosque in concerning 1505-06 throughout the reign of Sikandar Lodi (1489-1517). She was the nurse of Fath Khan, the son of Khan-i-Azam Masnad, the governor of Delhi.

Situated inside the Hauz Khas cooperative, the innermost assembly room of the mosque is all so as to is left at in attendance. It has three-arched opening as well as is surmounted by a auditorium. The central arch of the mosque has the dedication that displays the date of its building. The mosque is called 'Nili Masjid' for the reason that the frontage greater than the chhajja (lintel) is bedecked with blue tiles.

Surrounded by the Hauz-Khas Enclave lies this rubble-built but plastered mosque, survived now merely by its prayer-chamber, pierced by three arched openings and surmounted by a single auditorium over the innermost segment.

Above the chhajja, its frontage is decorated with blue tiles, which encompass given it it’s in attendance name, connotation the 'blue mosque'. Over its central arcade is an inscription, as of which we learn that it was build in 911 AH (1505-06) for the period of the reign of Sikandar Lodi, by Kasumbhil, nurse of Fath Khan, son of Khan-i-Jahan Masnad 'Ali Khawas Khan, then governor of Delhi.

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