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Delhi RamlilaMonth of September-October, during the days of Navratris, Delhi’s Ramlila becomes the buzz of the city. All over Delhi people stage the ten days Ramlila, battle between Lord Rama and Ravana.

Famous Ramlilas in Delhi
The most famous Ramlila is staged by the Shree Ramlila Committee at the Ramlila Ground. It is believed that Ramlila Ground staging Ramlila is the oldest running Ramlila in the city. The other famous and important Ramlilas are staged by the Luv Kush Committee at the Red Fort ground and Dharmik Leela Committee at the Subhash Maidan, opposite to the Red Fort.

Origin of Ramlila
It is not exactly known how and when Ramlila traveled to stage from the book Ramayan. People have a belief that Goswami Tulsidas started staging Ramlila to preserve the Indian culture and moral values. It is believed that the first Ramlila may have been staged during the reign of Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Ramlila is the staging of Ramayana based on the sacred book Ramcharitmanas composed by Tulsidas in the sixteenth century.

Version of Ramlila
Delhi’s Ramlila is based on the sixteenth century Avadhi version of the Ramayana. This version of Ramlila has acquired global attention, especially among the India diaspora community.

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6:2PM 20/9/10 Vinay The days of ramlila are coming soon with mela and dusehara.