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About Delhi - Monday, June 17, 2019 11:18:33 AM

In the year 1911, on 12th December Delhi was again made the capital of India before that Calcutta (Kolkata) was the capital of India but was changed back under the British raj, all though Delhi was capital of India back in  12th to 19th the century. Delhi as capital witnessed rise and fall of some great rulers and emperor.

All these emperor and rulers contributed towards making Delhi what it is today. Delhi is place that has several cultures, traditions, religions, monuments and is still flourishing over years. With every new ruler or king in Delhi came along their religions, festivals, food, their clothing and architectural design and entertainment, but what mostly made Delhi what it is today is that culture, traditions and religions that came in Delhi, stayed and some even got mixed here very well and brought joy to equally all cast of peoples.

Incredible Delhi completed its 100 years as capital of incredible India in the year 2011 and our very own beautiful Delhi every year gave 100s of reason to celebrate and to be proud of being a Delhites (person living in Delhi) and more over to be proud of being an Indian.


Tourist spot

Delhi is one of the places to attract tourism. Delhi has dozens of beautiful place as attraction, wheatear it is as new as  Akshardham Temple or as old as Qutab Minar or  modern art or Museum of history, Delhi has plenty of it.
India has the largest constitution in the world, it enforces numerous amount of laws for welfare of a common man. And it has been very flexible over years for better tomorrow.

For past few years Delhi’s development has been on peek, and is absolutely a great place to invest.

Culture and Tradition
One can find different culture and religions scattered all over the country, but Delhi is one such place where you can easily find all most all religions, culture and traditions.

Wheatear it be Christmas or Id or Holi each and every festival no matter how big or small or for whom all are celebrated greatly and with equal enthusiasm.

Along with different rulers and kings also came there food which over years has evolved and modified but some stood same for generations and are still adored.

Delhi is paradise for shopaholics, whether it is cloth from high named brand or right side glam Delhi has most variety of cloths that suits ones style and type

In Delhi you can find variety of entertainments ranging from classical dance to contemporary, theaters and drama movies to puppet shows and street performance and clubs and discotheque also is enjoyable.

People of Delhi the friendly and helping people all-around you, could some time be difficult to find but if someone try little hard will certainly not be alone in Delhi. The kindness and greatness of Delhites can be known to one in case of hazards and casualties, where every one helps every one   

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1:53PM 12/12/11 anand kumar i like delhi because i live in delhi and it is very culctured

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