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Cooking is the process of preparing food with heat. Cooks select and combine ingredients using a wide range of tools and methods. In the process, the flavor, texture, appearance, and chemical properties of the ingredients can change. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions. Cooks themselves also vary widely in skill and training.

Here are a few tips that will make your life in the kitchen easy. These tips can be a quick solution to various problems that arise in the kitchen. Try the tips and enjoy being in the kitchen. These tips will help you manage food items

Cooking Tips:

  •  Wash vegetables before peeling or cutting to preserve the water soluble vitamins.
  • Peel vegetables as thinly as possible to preserve the minerals and vitamins.
  • Heat the oil thoroughly before adding seasonings or vegetables.
  • Fry the seasonings until they change color, to get full flavour of seasonings.
  • Always use ghee or vanaspathi with or instead of oil, which gives a good flavour to the gravy. If oil alone is used, it does not get separated easily from the ground mixture, as ghee separates from it.
  • Fry the ground masala in reduced flame, so that it retains its colour and taste.
  • Little plain sugar or caramelised sugar added to the gravy makes it tasty.
  • If you forget to soak chana/Rajma overnight. Just soak the chana/Rajma in the boiling water for an hour before cooking.

Looking to try something new or for healthier versions of old favorites? Check out healthy recipes, cooking tips, ingredient substitutions and help in the kitchen for new cooks or for cooking with kids.


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