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Languages in Delhi

About Delhi - Saturday, February 05, 2011 8:01:46 AM

Delhi, the capital of India, has mixed cultures and lifestyles, that bind the whole of India together with thread. It is an articulate matrix of different people, different mind sets and their different way of expressions. Delhi does not have any regional language of its own. Just like its culture, even its languages have been adapted from the different regions of India and they have blended smoothly with the city's rich culture.  Since the land is bordered by the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, and states like Punjab and Rajasthan are not far away, it is easy to find their regional influence on the dialects of denizens of Delhi.

People from all corners of the country come in Delhi for search of education, career or simply livelihood. The influences of all these various populace also have their effect on the language of Delhi. Whatever the reason may be, Delhites speaks in different tongues. Today, in modern Delhi, Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi are the chief languages of communication. Literary Hindi is written in the 'Devanagari' script, which shows a strong influence of Sanskrit language, the ancient Aryan lingo. English is also the principal language of commerce in Delhi just like other main metropolis cities. Another dialect, Punjabi, the mother tongue of the people of Punjab, is widely spoken in the capital suburbs mainly because of Punjabi community.

Approximately, about 76.15 percent of the total population of Delhi communicates in Hindi.Hindi is the official language of Delhi. As the city is dominated by the Hindu population, the majority of the people speak in Hindi. However the language is split up into several interesting dialects, which are popular among the people. However, here it deserves a mention that nowadays very few people in Delhi speak pure Hindi or English; instead they indulge in a kind of crazy concoction which is known as Hinglish (mixture of HIndi or English) or Punglish(mixture of Punjabi and English).
Here are several languages in Delhi, which are spoken by various groups of people residing in the city.

Hindi: The official language of Delhi is Hindi. Also, since the Hindu population is dominant in the city, most of the people converse in Hindi only.

English: English has become a widely used medium of communication in the capital city. It is a popular means of communication, particularly among the youngsters. Also, guides, shopkeepers and even the taxi drivers are well conversed in this language.They have absolutely no problem in communicating with the local people with this language.

Punjabi: Punjabi is one of the important languages of Delhi, which is widely spoken. Since, there are a large number of Sikhs and Punjabis in Delhi so you will get to hear this language quite often.

Urdu: Urdu is a not a common language of Delhi. It is mainly prevalent in the Old Delhi area where a large number of Muslims reside.

others: Some of the other languages spoken in Delhi are Marathi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Tamil, Oriya, Malayalam and more.

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6:49PM 10/1/21 Ambika Sankar Not Moderated Yet Supp
5:1PM 23/8/20 Aman Singh Not Moderated Yet Bhojpuri is also spoken in delhi from purvanchal people of Uttar Pradesh and large community of bhojpuri people live in delhi
12:28PM 8/12/11 Sayed Bengali and Malayalam are also spoken widely in Delhi among the Bengali and South Indian communities
10:11AM 2/9/11 Ankita still one another language used in Delhi is "bhojpuri" from Uttar Pradesh
10:9AM 2/9/11 Ankita Good article

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