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One of the finest monuments of the pre-Mughal city, and one of the least known monument i.e. Lal Gumbad, also known as Shaikh Kabir-ud-Din Auliya's tomb or Rakabwala Gumbad, is located in Malviya Nagar, in New Delhi. Shaikh-Kabir-ud-Din Auliya, a disciple of Shaikh Raushan Chiragh-i-Delhi, was buried here in 1397. It is believed to have been constructed in the mid-fourteenth century. The mortal remains of Shaikh Kabir-Ud-Din Auliya were buried here in 1397.

History: Lal Gumbad is entered from the eastern side, through a marble bands-adorned pointed arch. The main tomb has been built in the shape of a square and has tattered walls, which are adorned with a facade of red sandstone. The tomb consists of a square chamber with battered walls faced with red sandstone, and the roof surmounted by a plastered conical dome.
It has a plastered conical dome crowning its top. Lal Gumbad got the name of Rakabwala because of the golden finial it was once ornamented with, but which was later stolen by thieves. People believed that iron rings that are still seen on its western wall were set up by the thieves, for the purpose of scaling up the walls of the tomb. One of the most magnificent monuments belonging to the pre-Mughal era of Delhi, the Lal Gumbad resembles the tomb of Ghiyath-ud-Din Tughluq.

Entombs: Shaikh Kabir-Ud-Din Auliya

Year of Construction: 1397

Location: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

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