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  While waiting in a Metro Station or during travelling in a Metrolink, you need to follow some metro rules.
  You should  be aware of several rules and essential guidelines that are followed by each and every



    Follow all the Metro Station Instructions and  read all the notices and listen to such announcements.
    keep metro neat and clean and do not litter the Metro Stations
    Please  throw the waste in Dustbins or Trashcans.
    Please Be polite and always give preference to children and Elderly passengers.
    If you notice any kind of suspicious activity, you need to inform the DMRC staff.

Do not:

    Don’t Smoke,Litter,Spit or don’t carry any kind of inflammable and chemical materials.
    Don't Eat,Drink,Play Music,carry pets,Play and cause any sort of havoc and damage to the Metro station 
    property are not allowed inside the Trains.

AFC Gates


     Keep all your  belongings and essential things safely while passing through the AFC gate
    Children who are below the height of the gate need more attention and care while crossing the gate and
is essential to carry them while passing through the AFC gate.Smartcard holders needs to ensure
proper entry and exit .

Do not:

    Don't force entry or exit on the people at the AFC gate who are especially in groups.
    Pause, Stop and turn back properly after passing through the gate.
    Don't ever jump over AFC Gates to enter or exit the gate.

Offences within Metro Premises and Penalties Offence Penalty
1 Drunkenness or Misbehaviour on Metro Railway Fine upto Rs 500/- and forfeiture of ticket/passess he’s holding
2 Attempt to harm passengers on Metro Railway Imprisonment upto 10 years or Life imprisonment
3 Endangering passenger by rash or negligent act or omission Imprisonment upto 1 year or fine or both
4 Endangering passenger  by willful act or omission Upto 7 years Imprisonment
5 Carrying offensive material Upto Rs. 500/ Fine
6 Carrying dangerous material Fine upto Rs. 5000/-and  Imprisonment upto 4 years
7 sticking posters, unauthorized graffiti Fine upto Rs. 1000/-  or imprisonment upto 6 months or both
8 Unauthorized entry Fine upto Rs 250/- or Imprisonment upto 3 months  or both
9 Amble on the metro track Fine upto Rs 500/-or Imprisonment upto 6 months   or both
10 Illegal selling on Metro Railway Fine upto Rs 500/- or improsonment upto 6 months
11 Illegal sale of tickets Fine upto Rs 500/- or Imprisonment upto 3 months or both
12 Interfering metro operations Fine upto Rs 5000/- or Imprisonment upto 4 years or both
13 Hindering a Metro official from his duties Fine upto Rs 1000/- or Imprisonment upto 1 year or both
14 Traveling withoutticket or beyond authorized distance Fine upto Rs 50/- or Imprisonment upto 1 month or  both
15 Inessential interference with means of communication, misuse of alarm Fine upto Rs 1000/- or Imprisonment upto 1 years or both
16 Demolish public notices Fine upto Rs 250/- or Imprisonment upto 2 months or both
17  Train's crash, track and acts of subotage Rigrous imprisonment upto 10 yars or Life imprisonment or death sentence
18 Any Harm or Destruction to Metro Railways property Upto 10 years  Imprisonment
19 False claim of compensation

Upto 3 years Imprisonment or fine or both












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