Real facts about Librans

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•    Libra would rather cooperate than compete and will compromise, (even when in the right) in order to avoid an argument.
•    Although Libras are extremely intelligent, their much-heralded intellect is sometimes wasted on 100 ways to say “On the other hand”.
•    Sharing turns a Libra on, and tactless or uncouth behavior is a turn-off.
•    Foreplay for a Libra can be mental — they love to communicate with you about the relationship.
•    Libras always play innocent when they are challenged, and can generally charm the birds out of the trees to win your favor.
•    As friends Gemini and Libra are almost identical to each other in many respects. Both have same intellectual skills.
•    As friends a power struggle is bound to break out between a Libra and Capricorn. That being said, you’re good leaders in different areas.
•    Libra Play date: A Fancy Restaurant.
•    As a Libra, the Zodiac Sign most helpful for emotional support: Capricorn.
•    As a Libra, when you are in love, you are genuinely in love. The partner has all your warmth, care and affection.
•    Libras make perfect friends because they’re so open, outgoing and obliging.
•    Expect any woo to be very direct. It is easy to know what is on your Libras’ mind, as when they adore something they show it openly.
•    As a Libra, Earth signs tend to lack your natural social graces and you are keen to help educate them.
•    As a Libra, you’ve never given yourself much credit for being gifted. Stop selling yourself short.
•    Libras are friendly-witty-balanced one time and stubborn-irritating and unbalanced the other time.
•    Libras can make you crazy when it comes to making a decision and then they will question Your thinking.
•    Libras simply needs to be told to take a “time-out” or to “walk it off.”  These gentle souls don’t really like to argue that much.

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