Happy Valentine's week

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Valentine's day is around the corner...A time for exchanging heartfelt greetings of love, affection & joy and a beautiful time to spend with the ones you love. But before that do not miss out on the special days which accompany Valentine's day and are equally enjoyable & important. Come celebrate the whole of Valentine's week 2013 which has a special significance for each day of the week.

Valentine week 2013 goes this way -
February 7: Rose Day
February 8: Propose
February 9: Chocolate
February 10: Teddy Day
February 11: Promise Day
February 12: Hug Day
February 13: Kiss Day
February 14: Valentine Day

Rose day is marked by giving beautiful, crimson red roses to loved ones, exchanging romantic, affectionate SMS, greeting cards.

February 8 th has been termed as a day for proposing to the girl/boy you have a crush on or are deeply in love with...

February 9 th has been dedicated to chocolates. Its time for boys to woo their lady love or girlfriends with delectable boxes of chocolates.

February 10 th is a day for exchanging cute, fluffy teddy bears. So,boys make your crush/love happy with a gift of cuddly, sweet teddy bears ..

February 11 th is the day for making everlasting promises. Its time to make that everlasting pledge/promise and then keep it for a lifetime...

February 12 th is celebrated as Hug Day. So, guys and girls, embrace your loved ones & make this day memorable...

February 13 th is denoted as Kiss Day..Enjoy this beautiful day!

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