Delhi tops rape tally among metros, states

WEBMASTER'S CORNER - Tuesday, December 18, 2012 6:51:08 AM

If you have lived in different cities, you don't need statistics to tell you which is the most unsafe city for women in India. A look at the National Crime Records Bureau data confirms the worst fears about Delhi: 572 women were raped in the city last year as compared to 239 in Mumbai. To put it another way, despite having nearly two million more people than Delhi, Mumbai reported less than half the number of rape cases. Other metropolitan cities reported even fewer instances: 47 in Kolkata, 76 in Chennai, and 96 in Bangalore. Higher instances of crime against women in Delhi are often attributed to the influence of its neighbours. And yet, even among its neighbours, Delhi emerges as the worst. While Delhi had seven rape victims among one lakh females in 2011, Haryana had six, Rajasthan five, and Uttar Pradesh two.

Among cities, taking into account the difference in population to arrive at the incidence of rape, the results remain as startling: for every one lakh women and girls, as compared to seven rape victims in Delhi, there were three in Mumbai and two in Bangalore and Chennai. Kolkata was the safest among the metropolitan cities with two rape victims for every three lakh women in 2011. These trends have remained unchanged over the last five years. Delhi has consistently held the top spot in the rape tally.

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