Horoscope of 2013

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Horoscope 2013

The year 2013 holds many possibilities and promises. But, you will have to be ready to take the good with the bad. In the career domain, while there will be growth and progress, you will need to remain very alert. Guard against complacency, says Ganesha. Network expansion is on the cards, but the trick shall lie in employing your contacts to the best use, while also remaining tactful and accessible. Matters related to the joint finances, joint investments and inheritance will need attention, and that is where your tact and sensibility shall come handy. Watch your word, or else your problems may increase, even harming your health in the process. Be extra vigilant, rather fastidious regarding your health. You may also want to spend more time in solitude than usual to find the answers to some burning questions, particularly about your love life. If already in a relationship, you may need some moments to reflect and reassess.


As the year unfolds, you may come across moments when you'll feel as if you are walking on water. However, the ups and downs shall teach you an important lesson. As far as your personal life is concerned, Ganesha says, there is a lot of scope for you to enjoy a harmonious relationship, but then a lot will depend on the extent to which you are willing to go in order to adapt to your lover's whims. On the career front, progress is foreseen, but with a fair share of obstacles or delays. However, the more accommodating you be, the better it will be. A flexible approach shall loosen attitudes and people. Your health will remain good. But, do follow a balanced diet and a regular fitness regime. Stars shall favour you in your financial endeavours, yet if you end up investing in the wrong places or tampering with your existing investments, things could be different.


Simply put – it looks set to be a favourable year for you. Of course, there will be some twists and turns, but none of them severely damaging or depressing. The domestic environment shall remain peaceful, and you may get sufficient time, energy and resources to forge ahead. In 2013, Ganesha foresees you getting closer to someone on an emotional level. If married or in a committed relationship, you may look forward to indulging in amazingly romantic moments. However, taking the good times for granted may break the charm. Try your best to resolve issues related to your love life amicably. Your career too may go through a plenty of positive developments this year. You may, however, still not feel very satisfied with your professional situation. Financially, things will be sound, but ensure that each penny you earn is pushed logically and calculatedly into the circle of spendings, savings and investing. Watch your health, though.


This year the best possible way of handling things would be to try and find the middle path, so as to reach a logical conclusion. Here-on, in all likelihood, your life may take any direction, possibly an altogether new one. Besides, you may now become acutely aware of your hidden powers and talents, and your desire for freedom and independence may take flight too. Don't act on impulse, though, especially regarding matters related to your love life, advises Ganesha. Although there are great chances of your love relationship culminating in marriage now, you need to ensure that you don't forge life-long bonds in haste. Also, avoid overindulging in food or drink. Your health, barring some seasonal ailments, will be pretty okay, though. On the career and financial front, you may experience average to below average progress during the first two quarters. However, things may definitely start looking up later in the year, and towards the end of the year, you will feel quite satisfied.

According to Ganesha, your journey through 2013 may well turn out to be quite interesting. On the career front, you may be tempted to change your job or call it quits. Don't rush headlong into things; this may harm your career in the long run. Also, remember to not let any domestic friction affect your career. At the same time, avoid getting into direct conflicts with your superiors at work or any authority figures. Also, agreed that you are a strong person, but don't ignore your health. The ups and downs on the career front may cause you stress; take care. Keep reminding yourself that you possess great will-power, and given your resilience, you can overcome hurdles with remarkable ease. In times of crisis, depend on your relationships. Ganesha foresees a possibility of friendships turning into love relationships this year. Those already in a committed relationship are advised to give more importance to their relationship than to their ego.

Rejoice! With Jupiter showering its power and blessings on you, the coming year may not pose you any major threats. Your decision-making skills will improve remarkably. On the domestic front, everything shall go as per the plan. Timing and budgeting of events will be perfect. If you are planning to invest in a new house or a new office, do it in the second half of 2013. Your love stars are extraordinary, and there shall be a great amount of intensity in your relationship. It also, however, implies that your partner's emotional needs and expectations will be enhanced – and so shall be yours. Go slow! Ensure that you don't put unnecessary pressure on the ones you love the most. Health conscious that you are, keeping yourself in good shape won't be a problem during 2013. As for your career, Ganesha says, you will come across lucrative opportunities.

A positive, progressive year awaits you. Initially the progress may be sluggish, gradually picking up the pace, as the months roll by. Your personal life may go through some ups and downs, though. On the love front, avoid forging a new relationship. For married couples, times may be challenging, for they may have a tough time adjusting to the inflexible attitude of their partners. The family support too may not be forthcoming, causing you anxiety. Instead of letting it all affect you, simply accept it as your Karma, and continue forging ahead. And, focus on your financial matters and secure your future. This year, although, you may earn enough, somehow money shall slip through your fingers, and at the end of the year your bank balance may just even out. Change your life-style – make it simple and cut out wasteful expenditure in order to overcome the possible financial constraints. Watch out for petty health issues.


In 2013, life will teach you the important lesson of self-discipline. Also, the events ahead will make you realise how important it is to be tolerant and accommodating. This is surely not to say that you will have to face miseries in 2013, but there may be testing times, especially in the first half of the year. Nevertheless, the coming year looks set to be extremely conducive for creative work. Those with a creative inclination will be blessed with fame and money. Singles, 2013 can be a wonderful year for you, especially if you lower your expectations. However, for married couples, Ganesha says, it may be a stressful period. At work, maintaining a good rapport with colleagues may seem like fighting a battle you can never win. However, your sincerity and dedication will convince your bosses to favour you. Take care of your health, amidst all the stress. Taking regular breaks, reminds Ganesha.


Both positive and negative experiences are on the cards for you this year. Ganesha foresees you shedding all your unnecessary inhibitions and freely expressing your feelings. You shall also enjoy a more beautiful love life. Singles may get serious about a special bond, taking it to another level. You will be in such high spirits that you may be in love with everything in life! Those of you with a creative inclination ought to make the best use of this auspicious phase. While you will be busy appreciating all good things that life has to offer, you will have one eye constantly on your bank-balance. The positive offshoot of this is that you will become acutely conscious about increasing your savings, Expect progress on the career front, but keep in mind that the growth may not necessarily get translated into monetary gains. Be patient, says Ganesha. Also, watch what you eat.


A major shift in your thinking shall be the highlight of the year ahead. You may also be able to identify between the fair-weather friends and genuine well-wishers. At home, some crucial changes are likely, leading to some stress and strain. Whatever might be the situation, ensure that you don't become autocratic, and take all decisions only with your family's consent. Being amicable will help, promises Ganesha! As for your love life, you may try your best to understand the finer aspects of love. However, eventually you may consider concentrating on tangible goals a better utilisation of your precious time. The year ahead also looks set to be a favourable period for finding a better job opportunity. If relocation has been on your mind, this is the time, says Ganesha. Financially, the year ahead may be slightly above average. Judicious use of your hard-earned money will be the need of the hour. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned.


The year 2013 looks set to bring a pivotal shift in your life. Ones already willing to shift base or alter their set ways shall find this period hugely favourable. Others, not so ready, too may also need to submit to change. However, Ganesha foresees the likelihood of you befriending wrong people in your attempts to find your place in favoured social circles. Choose your friends wisely, warns Ganesha. On the love front, you may enjoy a great time. But, if you happen to begin a relationship this year or have started one recently, this is not the right time to take it as an all conclusive decision. At work, a lot will depend on how well you get things done and the rapport you share with your superiors and colleagues. Progress is on the cards, though. In financial matter, avoid speculations of any kind. Expenses may increase, but fortunately, so shall your sources of income. 


Good news! The year 2013 is set to bring in plenty of positive changes in your life. But despite all the external developments and seemingly great things, internally you may not feel equally elated and happy. Relax and change your perception, life is not that bad after all, says Ganesha. Your increased earning power is going to be a distinct development during the year ahead. Windfall gains too are on the cards. Inspired by the unexpected financial gains, you may get busy planning huge investments. Avoid going overboard, warns Ganesha. Calculated risks or wise investments are fine, but avoid blocking too much money for too long. Your career graph may be on the rise, and you will enjoy an enhanced camaraderie with your peers. In love, positive changes are likely. Whatever you do, ensure keeping a tab on your emotions. Don't let them affect your health, says Ganesha.

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